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Cybercrime Meets Insider Trading in Sports

And it won’t take long for them to seize upon the opportunity. Hackers follow the money, and there is lots of it at stake. Although precise data on illegal sports betting in the United States is hard to come by, it’s estimated to be $150 billion to $400 billion yearly. With so much money on the line, everyone will be looking for an edge. Inside information about teams and their players will become more valuable. And that’s an opportunity for sophisticated cybercriminals, who will inevitably seek to hack into confidential sports information and use it to their advantage in placing legal sports bets. It is where cybercrime will no doubt meet insider trading in sports. The competitive value of data analytics gained traction in professional sports in 2002. The Oakland Athletics baseball team didn’t have the bankroll of other major league teams, and its general manager, Billy Beane, needed to figure out a way to build a competitive team on a low budget. Mr. Beane turned to statistics to uncover inefficiencies in the way teams valued players.

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